Villas Acuarela’s residences “Santiago” and “San Miguel” have been inspired by the vice royal mansions and estates of the Colonial era: an architecture of gardens, wide open spaces, and massive constructions that reflected the prosperity of New Spain’s society.


    Inside the residences, Andalusian patios, hallways, and vaulted roofs are combined with sound architectural design making them seductive and functional spaces.
    Their spacious interiors are enhanced with wooden beams and columns, limestone niches and fountains and clay tiles and floors combining the modern concept of well-being with the warm, homey details of the colonial tradition.
    Villas Acuarela Residences inspire outdoor living with its agreeable climate and idyllic landscape of its gardens, terraces, and balconies harmoniously connected with the interior spaces and facilities.



The beautiful pergolas set above the residences bring you maximum comfort while you peacefully enjoy the immense beauty of the Mexican high plains.

The best professionals

*Grupo Marquisa is a group of businesses dedicated to construction and real estate that formed in 1979. It provides its clients and partners with comprehensive services that go from surveying, relevant studies, and legal counseling at the beginning of a project to the promotion and sale to the end client, giving them a feeling of security from this joint effort.

For 28 years, Grupo Marquisa has developed buildings, functional townhouses for the average city dweller, and the most demanding residential complexes in high property value areas such as San Jerónimo Lídice, Desierto de los Leones and Tarango in Mexico City.

The proximity of the board of directors of Grupo Marquisa to San Miguel de Allende drew them to study and to solidify the idea of constructing a residential development in accordance with the colonial esthetic and the demands of newcomers to San Miguel.
Thus, the concept of Villas Acuarela was created: a luxury development, respecting the landscape and the architectural tradition with residencies destined to satisfy cosmopolitan tastes for a pleasurable and artistic life.

Architect Valdés Adalid’s excellent design sense and professionalism have led to his preference of foreign clients, giving him the expertise on colonial elements that enchant the eye and on finishes and traditional colors that captivate the world.

He has constructed buildings for the Reinhart family, Mr. Richard Leet, and for Andy and Rosemary Swann, some of his most famous projects.

For combining the taste for colonial architecture and the demands of the 21st century, there is no one better in all of San Miguel than architect Juan Carlos Valdés Adalid. Since 1987 he has constructed magnificent residences for new inhabitants of this city, whose beauty has been recognized in architectural and interior decoration journals such as Bedroom & Bath, Southern Accents, Traditional Home; on covers of Casas & Gentes, Behind the Doors, and Decorating; and with an appearance in specialty books such as Mexicolor and Mexican Tiles.