San miguel de Allende

  • It´s origins

    San Miguel de Allende is a small town set in the high plateaus of Mexico, one hour and a half from Guanajuato International Airport and 40 minutes from the city of Queretaro. The average temperature is 4° to 64° F (12° to 17° C) with sunny days throughout each season of the year.

    The pyramids and archeological vestiges of the area indicate that it was part of the Toltec Empire until the 10th century, although when the Spanish arrived the zone was inhabited by nomadic people. In 1542 it was founded as San Miguel El Grande and reached its splendor during the 17th and 18th centuries when it became an important stopover on the Silver Road originating in Zacatecas.

    In 1810, San Miguel played an important role in the War of Independence since it was here that the plans to fight against the Spanish crown were finalized and carried out.  In 1826, in honor of Ignacio Allende, one of the heroes of this struggle, its name was changed to San Miguel de Allende.

  • The present

    Life in San Miguel continued on this artistic path so that now it has become famous: emigrants from all over the world have established a warm and receptive society. Today there not only exist two art schools, but also many workshops, spaces and galleries where fine arts continue to develop.

    San Miguel also boasts the largest bilingual public library in Mexico; groups who promote important art festivals such as the outstanding Chamber Music Festival; as well as not-for-profit organizations that work for health, education, the environment, and the conservation of cultural heritage.

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