Development Vision


Inside Villas Acuarela you will enjoy the comforts that condominium design offers and that make life more pleasurable, giving you not only the facilities of a residential complex, but also recreational and community areas.

Exercise and health

It is undeniable that people who enjoy the art of good living have included physical exercise in their daily activities. To encourage this healthy habit, Villas Acuarela includes a small gym so that you may not only continue your physical conditioning exercises, but also share with other residents the pleasure and well-being that exercising brings.


In Villas Acuarela we have included a spa where attention to the body and its enhancement are recognized as healthy necessities and the preferred choice of those who live a full life.

Bed and Breakfast

Acuarela B&B offers hospitality and comfort where you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets and 360 ° views from our terrace spectacular thanks to our location.
             The B&B combines Mexican colonial architecture with a host of modern amenities.