A New Gated Community in San Miguel de Allende

Living In Acuarela,Beautiful Neighborhood!

Our beautiful Villas are inspired by the Design and Culture of Colonial Mexico with designs that capture the warmth and beauty of the city.
Spectacular views of the city and its surroundings.
Extraordinary location just a 5 minute walk to the historic center of San Miguel de Allende.
All of these features,plus the fact that taxis and Uber are only a few steps away to take you to stores,cathedrals, art galleries and more,make your villa the single best investment in quality living that you will ever make.


The Art of Living!

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The Designs have the following options:

  • One to three bedrooms, with charming tiled bathroom/showers and dressing room customized to your specifications
  • Studio-TV room can be designed to meet your home office, hobby or other needs
  • Vaulted ceilings with spectacular wooden beams and quarry ornaments add charm
  • Parking covered


Special features

Your kitchen can be customized from ultra modern and sleek to colonial Spanish motif with high quality brand appliances

Your bedroom includes special niches and beehives that can be tailored to walls

Dining areas are also designed to meet your needs and include orientation towards light to maximize delight at every meal

Each home features unique colors and tile

Why makes VA so unique?

A stroll along the sidewalk will demonstrate the unique beauty and architecture of each home. The doors are welcoming abd strong, beautiful in finishes. The stone and brick work showcases the efforts of artisans and laborers who take pride in their work. Most of all, look al the colors of the world that are showcased in these magnificent, well built homes. You will make your property your own with interior finishes, gardens and special features, but based on feedback from buyers and real estate professionals throughout Mexico, this may be one last exceptional communities available within walking distance of a UNESCO World Heritage Site City.

Is the property secured with guards 24/7?

There is a guard who is on duty during the day. Upon completion of the project, a Homeowners Association will be formed that can decide how and if security may extend to the evening hours.

We have created a recreation and relaxation area within Villas Acuarela were you can enjoy the wonderful sunsets of San Miguel de Allende.


Your special home has been inspied by the vice royal mansions and estates of the Colonial era: an architecture of gardens,wide spaces, and desing that reflect the prosperity of New Spain's society.

Are rare: walking distance to shopping, galleries, museums and public gardens yet bufferca in a gated community with abundant commun green space.

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Inside Villas Acuarela you will enjoy the comforts that condominium design offers and that make life more pleasurable, giving you not only the facilities of a residential complex, but also recreational and community areas

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The construction stages of the project are:

I Colores
II Pintores
III Galerías

These construction stages have been planned to provide development with harmonious growth and the availability of land will be in accordance with the Development Plan.

For precise information on availability and characteristics of the lots, contact us.

Tell Us About Your Needs And We Can Customize Your Home!
Casa en venta en San Miguel de Allende


3 Habitaciones con baño completo y closet
Cuarto de lavado
Sala TV, Terraza, Patio
Terreno: 200 m2
Contrucción: 330 m2
$12,700,000 MXN
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3 recámaras, 4 baños + 1 medio baño
Construcción:339 m²
Terreno: 200 m²
Año de construcción: En construcción
Cantidad de pisos en el edificio: 2
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3 recámaras,3 baños copletos más 2 medios baños
Terreno:200 m2
Construcción:335 m2
Año de construcción: En construcción
Cantidad de pisos en el edificio: 2
$15,200,000 MXN
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3 recámaras,3 baños copletos más 2 medios baños
Terreno:200 m2
Construcción:358 m2
Año de construcción: En construcción
Cantidad de pisos en el edificio: 2
$14,900,000 MXn
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Area:252 m2
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Area:200 m2
$4,200,000 MXn
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Nuestro Equipo

Mauricio Martínez

Experiencia en ventas de casi 40 años en distintas industrias.Desarrollo y administración de varios negocios.

Oficina: (415) 185 8353

Emilio Martínez

Más de 40 años en el área de Administración y Ventas. Gran parte de esta carrera participando en exitosos desarrollos inmobiliarios

Oficina: (55) 15203964
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